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Invest features networks of "sustainability people" working together, bringing positive social, environmental, and economic impacts to the marketplace. Spearheaded by strategist and investor Daniel N. Robin, we "raise the bar" and increase triple bottom line success -- socially, for the earth and with economic properity -- for "no harm capitalism" and provide helpful guideposts for those acting as change agents.

This website is a portal of affiliated sustainability websites, resources, and service options for leaders of sustainable businesses and non-profit organizations, consultants, government representatives, policy analsysts, economists, and others interested in "turning green to gold."

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In3 Group specializes in de-risking, commercializing and financing renewable technology ventures and projects. Operating since 1996, In3 delivers venture development and strategic business advisory, planning, project management, investor match-making and syndication, industry research and business intelligence, business case & competitive analysis, team development, education and coaching services.
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Daniel Robin & Associates — International management consulting, training and coaching in social aspects of sustainability, leading change and tools for effective collaboration. Investment, alignment and commitment leads to healthy workplaces that enable people to do their best work. High-commitment work environments are about taking personal responsibility for results, delivering greater performance, job satisfaction and lasting advantage in the marketplace.

Renewable Energy Investor Forum logoRenewable Energy Investor Forum (REIF) project finance (not venture capital) for renewable energy, materials, biofuels and related technologies. Based in San Francisco Bay Area but entertains deals worldwide.

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SustainabilityWorks — Training and consulting in corporate social and environmental performance management, metrics, tracking, and reporting.


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Commercial Sustainability Network of the California Central Coast (Monterey Bay Region) networking and educational events attended by like-minded "green" and sustainable businesses, entrepreneurs, public benefit organizations and others. Members collaborate and share ideas to facilitate and accelerate the sustainability mainstream practice and to commercialize business ventures with sustainability at their core.

The Sustainability Academy logo The Academy mission is to accelerate the mainstream practice of sustainability on the Central Coast of California. A "think-do-teach tank" offering classes, project management, research, and public forums.
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3blThe Triple Bottom Line of Sustainability

No Harm Capitalism: Social & Environmental Impacts for Sustainable Good

The year 2013 marks the triumphant return of a subversive idea, now with sustainable momentum: "no harm capitalism." Proving that you can make money while improving lives and restoring the environment (some call this "restorative commerce"), successful examples of new ventures and established companies embracing sustainability, without greenwashing or posturing, now dot the planet. Who would have thought that a for-profit business could use market forces to achieve such lofty goals as reversing climate change, eliminating poverty, or restoring habitat for now-endangered wildlife. Well, apparently some of you!

A few case studies and examples:

Blume Distillation LLC -- alcohol fuel for clean indoor cooking, converting waste to wealth

Carbon Drawdown Solutions -- using waste biomass to produce biochar, a system that removes carbon from the atmosphere and safely sequesters it in the soil, where it belongs.

WISE Solutions -- a green chemistry company making non-toxic solvents, biopesticides and biolubricants.

Recession? What recession? Green and Sustainable Business is booming!

Green and sustainable products and services, operational and communication strategies are rapidly heading toward a "tipping point" of mainstream practice. Both well-established and newer organizations embracing sustainability can benefit from the experiences of other practitioners who have been modeling, learning and integrating "best practices" since the 1980's.

With the current economy in a slump, petroleum prices fluctuating, and the rise of a "green consumer ethic," capital markets are finding new opportunities in clean and renewable technologies and it appears that triple-bottom-line sustainability is finally becoming, well, sustainable. Some industries have been permanently disrupted, shaking out new leaders, while radical innovation has defined entirely new markets, especially in Europe and Japan; will the US economy find its legs through a bright green, biorenewable and sustainable economy?

This portal features a family of businesses and networks that help organizations further their social responsibility and environmental stewardship goals as well as to develop sound fiscal management and economic prosperity in organizations large and small.

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